With there being no signs of the recession ending soon, the whole idea of holidays has become an issue. Those all-inclusive luxury package deals now aren’t so affordable and we’re looking for ways to get away that provide a great holiday but don’t cost us 3 month’s salary. More of us are turning to our home country for holidays and why not.




The UK is stunningly beautiful and Scotland in particular has a wealth of holiday activities to suit every member of the family.


Caravans for all

The cheapest form of UK holidays is camping, but, let’s face it, even for the cash-strapped, nights under canvas aren’t for everyone. Caravans are a brilliant alternative. If you purchase a touring caravan, you have the ultimate freedom. It takes a short time to hitch the van to the car, and you can be on your way at weekends or for longer breaks, whenever you like. But again, this option doesn’t suit all. You might not have room for a caravan, or you might not like the idea of the actual process of driving whilst towing a caravan. The other option is to purchase a static caravan in situ on a holiday park. Whether you are considering the purchase of a tourer or a static van, the fundamental issue is to understand your options. Unlike many major purchases, this is one you can try before you buy.


The Experience

The starting point is to be sure that this is how you want to spend your holidays. If you are looking for a stop-gap measure merely to see you through the recession and until you can afford those package tours abroad again, simply choose your holiday park and book. If however, you’re looking for a longer term investment, you need to ensure self catering holidays in caravans is what you enjoy.


Take a few caravan holidays to see if the experience meets your expectations. Choose different sites each time because facilities do differ, and basing a decision on one site might be flawed.


How to Choose a Park

There are more caravan holiday parks in the UK than you probably imagined. They range from a basic field with minimal facilities to well-established, glammed up parks packed with amenities and entertainment. If you’re considering buying a touring caravan, the considerations are somewhat simpler than if you choose a static van. With a tourer, you have the pick of any site in the country that has touring pitches. If you purchase a static caravan, it is a semi-permanent fixture. The purchase of static caravans is also governed by a whole set of regulations regarding movement from its current home to another park, so if flexibility of location is high on your wish list, a static caravan purchase is not a wise move.


Purchasing a static caravan also means you have to love the location. If after one holiday you are not dreaming of being able to stay there, or are not dreading the thought of going home, tying yourself into an investment in a static caravan is not a good idea.


Do your research! The Internet has made masses of information available at your fingertips. Holiday parks have sites that will provide all the details you will need about the caravans and the site facilities, and you can also look up information about the local area, what activities are available, and what the weather has been doing for the last few years. Is the park kid-friendly? Does it allow pets? How far is it from the nearest town? The nearest beach?


Other considerations include the practicalities: What are the site rules governing ownership? Sub letting? What insurances do you need? What are maintenance requirements? Security when the caravan is not occupied?


In many ways, the considerations for buying a caravan are like those of buying a house – not to be entered into without serious thought. A caravan on a holiday park in glorious Scotland however, can be the source of fabulous holidays and life-long memories.


Lydia Clarke is a professional travel consultant. She enjoys sharing her insights  through writing for various blogs around the web and loves exploring the UK. Click for more information about Caravan Sites Scotland.

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