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No. is a platform which allows vacation rental owners and managers to advertise their vacation rentals and helps potential renters to find a suitable vacation rental property.

To rent properties, you contact the owners/managers directly using the contact information provided with each vacation rental listing.
Go to and search by keyword or map for your ideal vacation rental.
Contact the rental owner or manager directly using the contact form on the listing to confirm availability.
Book the property by submitting payment to the owner or manager.
All owners and property managers are encouraged to have a phone number on a listing, but not all owners have chosen to display a phone number.

If a phone number is not present, please contact the owner by submitting an inquiry using the owner contact form on the listing. You can use this form to request a reservation or ask questions to the vacation rental owner/manager. Give the dates you are inquiring about and if your dates are flexible, note that too. List how many people, adults and children. If you have a pet that you wish to bring along, be sure to include that information. If you have any special needs or questions, do not hesitate to ask.
It can be frustrating to inquire on a property and not receive a response right away. Most owners/managers respond within 24-48 hours. If your initial contact was an email, try contacting them via telephone if the number is provided. Sometimes responses from owners or managers can go directly to your email Junk/Spam folder, depending on your personal email settings, so don't forget to check there too. Although we encourage our owner/managers to respond whether they are booked or not, a small percentage may not respond to all inquiries on a timely basis. In these cases, we recommend you just find an alternative property with a more responsive and considerate vacation rental owner.
We do not inspect the properties listed on our website so there is no guarantee. While fraud is extremely rare, it can happen. Proceed cautiously with international payments using a money order or wire transfer. Warning signs include an unusually low price, uncertainly regarding the exact property location, or any suspicious behavior of the property owner or manager. Talk to the owners/managers on the telephone versus strictly email. If you have concerns after speaking with the owner/manager, then ask for references from past renters that you may contact. Request the street address of the property rented and look it up on one of the internet based map sites, such as google maps.
Payments are made directly to the vacation rental owner/manager. Once you find a proper vacation rental listing, contact the owner by sending a message with your dates and details. Once your request is received, the owner or property manager of the property will contact you via email with either a payment request or specific payment instructions. Since each vacation rental is individually owned and operated, the payment methods and schedules will vary. Typically the owner/manager will require a reservation deposit, then the balance to be paid in one or two payments. Most owners/managers require full rent plus a deposit paid prior to the rental period. Payment methods will vary also, but most will take personal checks, credit cards or PayPal. Avoid the following payment methods usualy preferred by criminals: Sending cash is not recommended, but paying in cash in person to owner or manager upon arrival can be okay. Sending a check made out to cash. Using an instant money transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram.
In the unlikely event that something does break while you’re there, simply call the owner/manager. The owner/manager should be able to get the problem resolved quickly and professionally.
You need to communicate directly with the vacation rental owner or property manager to have your payment refunded. As the venue for advertisement we are unable to process refunds for travelers. We recommend you to purchasea Trip Cancellation Insurance for added protection. If your trip has to be cancelled for covered reasons such as illness, accident, death of a family member or traveling companion, jury duty, weather conditions which cause delay/cancellation of travel, or fire or flood in your home, this coverage protects your investment and will reimburse the normally non-refundable payments you make for your vacation rental, airline tickets and other covered travel related fees.
Many owners/managers speak multiple languages and many of them note which languages they speak within their vacation rental listing.

Anyway, most of the vacation rental owners/managers will be able to respond to inquiries in English along with the language spoken where their property is located. If not, you can try translating your inquiry (or inquiry reply) using sevices like

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