Vacation is a sacred time away from chaos and the mundane. While you’re packing, there are certain essentials that are easily forgotten.

Don’t assume that your vacation rental will provide these items. It’s best to call ahead. Better yet: Plan ahead. Consider these easy to forget items: (more…)

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You have finally chosen the locale of your holiday, organized the time off and booked your tickets. Now the only thing left to manage is where you’ll lay your head at night. But what kind of lodging will suit you? You don’t want to plan the perfect vacation and wind up in a hotel that’s too small, a house that’s too far from the city, a hostel that’s not really your scene or a room that comes in way over budget.

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Which Type of Vacation Stay is Right for You?

So what’s the right choice for you and yours on your next get away? Here’s a helpful list to make that decision less painful, so you can enjoy your time-off – stress free. (more…)

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Kids are always excited for the destination of a trip — the theme-park roller coasters or playing at the beach. But how do you handle them during the not-so-fun parts of the vacation? What about the long road trip to get to that beach, plane delays or packing their suitcases?

Traveling with children

Traveling with children

Here are some tips to teach your kids to love all the aspects of traveling — even the less entertaining ones. (more…)

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When you think about the most important factors for the health and happiness of a family, vacation time might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But taking time away from the busyness of everyday life to spend quality time together, bond, and create new memories is critically important to building a happy family.

Staying at a Vacation Home with Children

Staying at a Vacation Home with Children

However, the bliss of a family respite in an idyllic setting can be ruined if you don’t find the right place to lay your head at night. National Lampoon’s Family Vacation might be a fun movie to watch, but it’s certainly not one you want to re-create on your trip! Here are five things to consider when booking your family vacation home. (more…)

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Bali may be one of thousands of islands in the Indonesian island chain, but there is something that sets Bali apart…the views, the perks, the pleasures, and the overall incredible experiences to be had on this tiny island in the middle of a large ocean.

Bali Beach, Indonesia

Bali Beach, Indonesia – Image source: https://flic.kr/p/auaB4M

When vacationing on Bali, you’re more than likely investing in one of the many Bali villa rentals throughout the island. No matter which one of the Bali villas you choose, you are guaranteed to experience luxury accommodations at affordable prices. (more…)

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