Beijing is a popular holiday destination for many. It’s China’s capital and is one of the largest cities in Asia. What’s more? It’s an attractive sleepless city, and you can enjoy the multiple tourist attractions and fun activities all day. There are numerous reasons to tour Beijing, and the list of activities to do in the city is endless. Still, you’ll get the best airline providers, and accommodation should be the least of your worries.



Are you wondering how to plan a stress-free trip to Beijing? Well, there are many ways to achieve this. From early flight bookings to arranging for your accommodation, your planning determines how much you enjoy your trip.

Why tour Beijing?

Beijing boasts of a history of over 3,000 years. It’s renowned for its glorious past, but it isn’t stuck in its past. Despite its rich and complex historical sites, the city continues to unfold in bewildering variety. There are many reasons to tour Beijing, and historical monuments are worth mentioning. These include; the Ming Tombs, the Ming Dynasty and many more. Other reasons to plan a vacation in the city are;

  • Tourist sites& attractions

The list of magnificent tourist attractions will leave you in awe! And this is the reason why Cathay Pacific and other top airlines prefer Kaohsiung to Beijing route. The reason? Thousands of tourists use it to experience the beauty of this beautiful city.

Beijing holds a record of incredible sights, for instance, the Great Wall, which is the tallest man-made structure globally. The Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City are also magnificent sites in Beijing that attract visitors from all parts of the globe.

I believe you’d love to pick a few souvenirs while touring Beijing? This shouldn’t be an issue either. There’s a mind-boggling variety of shopping spots in the city. There are traditional shopping districts and outdoor markets in Beijing, allowing you to purchase all manner of antiques and goods.

  • Colorful nightlife

Want to have some fun? Beijing boasts of a colorful nightlife; you’ll find both locals and tourists relaxing in clubs air attending shows and performances. The popular ones are the Perking Opera and acrobatics and attract fans from all over.

  • Accommodation

Are you travelling on a budget? Beijing offers a variety of hotels, homes, apartments, and vacation rentals. You’ll get the best deals in the city, and securing a good place shouldn’t be an issue. Whether seeking a beach house, a condo, or a luxurious villa, planning for accommodation has never been easier. You can arrange this with the owner, no matter your duration of stay.

What’s the best way to plan a stress-free trip to Beijing?

A successful journey involves proper planning, and traveling to Beijing is no exception. There are various ways to prepare for a successful yet fun tour; let’s have a look;

  • Research about the city

You don’t want to tour a new place that you know nothing about. Why not seek information about the city, and make more informed travel decisions? For instance, get to know the airlines flying to the city, the cost of air tickets, and accommodation costs. Also, learn about the activities to do, attractions and the best time to visit.

You may also want to know the level of security in the city and the insecure places to avoid. Seek information on the weather, and this guides your packing. The local cuisine is also critical. Get to know the staple foods, the culture, language and more.

  • Check travel advice &Advisories.

Check out the government website and seek information on entry requirements, security, local laws, health conditions and more. Also, learn about mandatory vaccinations and plan for this early enough. Learn of the climate and natural disasters and how to get help when in the new city.

  • Know your health status- Get checked!

You want to have the best moments, and your health can let you down. It’s advisable to visit your doctor before travel. This way, you’ll get proper examination, antibiotics and anti-malaria medicines, vaccinations and more. The doctor will also examine you for any health issues and fix this before your departure.

  • Make early flight bookings.

Now that you have information about the airlines flying the route make early bookings. If you don’t make early flight reservations, you may end up canceling your trip. Again, the time of travel also matters.

Most travelers scramble for air tickets during peak seasons, holidays and weekends. And you can avoid the stress by early bookings. However, you may want to check out the last-minute deals. Before booking your air ticket, search online for great bargains or travel packages that can save you some bucks. Lastly, remember to use platforms like Momondo, Skyscanner, Kiwi, and more. These help you to search multiple destinations, lesser-known routes and air ticket offers.

  • Plan for your accommodation

Whether traveling alone or with family, early planning will save you a lot of stress. Think of the most suitable type of accommodation for your needs. If touring with kids, you may want a bigger space, and vacation rentals would be ideal.  You can also go for villas or a secluded home for more privacy and comfort. To get the best prices, start your search early, which allows you to compare the options available.

  • Activity planning-Pick must-do-activities

There are numerous things to do in Beijing. This depends on the duration of your trip and the reason for travel. If going for a vacation with family, consider fn activities for the kids. Similarly, if traveling for a business meeting, you may no have all the time to walk around but can plan for fun during your free time. The best activities to do in Beijing include;

  • Attending traditional performances such as the Beijing acrobatic show and the Beijing Opera.
  • Check out the Ice Lantern Festival at Longqing Gorge.
  • Try open-air ice skating at Houhai Lake in winter.
  • Tour the Palace Museum and the Forbidden City.
  • Shop for souvenirs at the Wangfujing Shopping Street

The bottom line

You can have that dream trip to Beijing only if you make adequate preparation. Book your flight and accommodation early, and plan your activities. Also, know the best time to travel and book flights with leading airline providers. Lastly, factor in the weather and pack suitable clothing enough for your stay.

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The eruption of the COVID 19 pandemic has become a menace and traveling, be it domestic or international, has almost come to a standstill across the globe. Thorough homework is necessary if a person really needs to travel.

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Traveling during COVID 19

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vaccine passport


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