If you’re planning a trip post lockdown, the perfect time is around the corner. With places opening up and business falling in-line, people are ready to travel for business and holiday. Just like any other trip, at present, the most vital part of your travel still starts with the planning process. But as the fear of COVID-19 infection still lingers, it requires a robust strategy for a safe journey.

Travel With Vape Devices

Travel With Vape Devices

Also, there are several changes in the sector of airlines, hotels, and other travel-related operations. Therefore, if you decide to carry your vape device, you need to be aware of these. Here are three tips that can guide you and make your trip hassle-free with your vape.

1.   Pack Supplies Carefully

Traveling with vaping supplies is tricky. You have to take care of the packaging. The first thing is to keep your device in carry-on baggage either in a vape case, airtight pouches, or wrap it in a dry cloth. Disconnect all the batteries and remove them, if possible. Protect these batteries inside plastic wrappers to avoid any mishap, like fire. For e-liquids, fill it in a clear container and place it inside a zip-lock bag. In case you’re carrying a tank with pre-filled liquid, choose to pack it similarly. Remember to take trusted cheap vape juice to provide the best quality in its segment without any extra spending.

2.    Know The Rules Of Airlines

Carrying vape devices are now quite common in airlines. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits vape pens and equipment in the cabin in carry-on luggage. But you should always read all the instructions given on the airline’s website. Some rules are strict, so going through them will help you travel without problems and restrictions. Keep in mind, vaping inside the airplane cabin can impose a fine, and TSA strictly prohibits charging your vaping device on flights.

3.    Check The Vaping Laws Of The Destination

Vaping laws vary with the countries. In case you are traveling to Europe, Canada, or America, pursuing vaping is normal. But countries like India, Singapore, Dubai, and many others ban the use of vaping. In a few cases, there are strict penalties, as in Brazil. As the laws are constantly changing, you need to gather detailed information about vaping while traveling to any nation across the world.


Carrying a vaping device is purely safe if you follow the related guidelines. The only thing you will have to do is to stick to the code of conduct. Do not stealth vape during your journey and respect the vaping rules once you reach the destination. The above points are here to guide you for a happy and safe tour while taking vaping equipment for the rest.




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