Traveling to places is all about achieving the ultimate gratification and loads of memories. Travel freaks all over the globe like to embark upon new experiences without thinking twice. In case you love cannabis, you might as well incorporate the weed-friendly places in your bucket list. Whether it’s learning about the diverse cannabis strains or scoring the favorite weed, you can do it all.

Best Destinations For Smoking Weed

Best Destinations For Smoking Weed

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Keep reading to know the top weed destinations that will enhance your cannabis knowledge without any hassles.

  1. Argentina

From the pleasant atmosphere to breath-taking sceneries, Argentina possesses the top natural marvels. Along with this, the country is home to many stoners as the government legalized marijuana long ago. From cannabis clubs to gardens featuring hundreds of hemp species, you can find them all here. One can also grab their favorite CBDfx capsules and enjoy the high amidst the serene Iguazu falls. Also, don’t forget to smoke some dope and experience the weed tours in the country.

  1. Jamaica

The Caribbean ocean and tropical weather provide the right amount of moisture to the hemp plants in Jamaica. Not just the plants, it enhances the experience of tourists who like to smoke some dope as well. Make sure to try your favorite weed varieties right in the middle of the Bob Marley museum. You don’t need to worry about the cops as the country decriminalized marijuana for recreational purposes as well.

  1. The Netherlands

Here’s the country that allows smoking weed even at the crowded streets and attractions. Pack your marijuana and head straight to this country for the ultimate high. You can enjoy the ecstatic varieties with some local delicacies like Soused Herring or Stroopwafel. From the majestic water bodies like street-side canals to Keukenhof’s stunning garden, every place enhances the weed experience for the stoners.

  1. Cambodia

There’s more to Cambodia than the Bayon temple’s spiritual vibes and the turquoise waters of Otres beach. You get to dine at the restaurants featuring THC-infused desserts. Along with this, you might get your hands on the Cambodian varieties of weed without any hassles. As per the country’s culture, marijuana emerges to be quite prevalent and accepted amongst the people. You might get lucky enough to make some stoner friends as well here.

  1. Alaska

What could be better than smoking some dope right in front of the northern lights? Every weed lover must head straight to the Alaskan streets and experience a weed-friendly getaway. With marijuana sales getting legalized in the country, you can get your hands on some ecstatic variety in no time. Make sure to smoke some dope at the Denali national park and Mendenhall glaciers.

Final Verdict

Globetrotters survive on travel sprees and camping getaways. If you’re a travel freak who likes to smoke some dope at every new destination, then embark upon the journey towards a weed-friendly spot. From the spectacular aurora borealis of Alaska to Cambodia’s stunning mountains, you can enjoy different weed strains at every place.

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