The first thing that you need to do before visiting Singapore is to throw all expectations out of the window. When it comes to major city-states such as this tropical powerhouse and Hong Kong, there are no preconceived notions you can have and be proven right. You may have a broad idea of what the destination is all about, but only once you embark on a walk along its bustling sidewalks and gaze across the shimmering waters of Singapore Strait can you form a true opinion. Whether you’ll like the city’s idiosyncrasies or not depends mostly on your own sensibilities, but before you form a definitive opinion, here are five things you must do in Singapore while travelling solo.

Travelling Solo

Travelling Solo

1. Go on a serene cruise

With the flexible population of nearly 6 million residents, this powerful city-state is divided from the rest of Malaysia by the legendary Johor Strait in the north and the vast Singapore Strait in the south. Thus, we are actually discussing a sleek modern city which is completely surrounded by water. This is why, as a newcomer, you should arrange a scenic boat ride that will lend you a unique and interesting perspective of the cityscape. Did you know that there are actually several rivers that cut through the urbanity – including Kallang and Geylang and the eponymous Singapore River – which all coalesce into glamorous Marina Bay, a perfect cruising spot? It is an ideal way to see the quays and float past the New and Old Parliament House as well as the Asian Civilizations Museum.

2. Keep your lodgings as affordable as possible

Singapore is renowned for its stellar accommodations, so you’d be well advised to do some thorough research and play around a bit before finally deciding on where to stay. Since this is by far one of the most expensive cities you’ll ever stay in, keep your options affordable and opportune. Sometimes, you may actually get a lucky break and fit into the time window of a wonderful package. In the city that thrives on tight logistics, looking into special packages and hotel offers in Singapore to arrange a comfortable stay should be as easy as it gets. At the same time, it’s important to be mindful of your belongings and spendings, and applying for a free credit luggage credit card in Singapore will give you more room to actually spend your hard-earned money on dinners, shopping, and leisure activities rather than other, less enticing costs.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to make a timely decision and recalibrate your expectations based on how quickly you’ll require the accommodation. Keep in mind that countless travellers and entrepreneurs course through this city like a river, so the demand for lofty lodging is quite high. This is exactly why the city is so expensive and why you shouldn’t be too worried about where you stay as long as it’s cheap – as it has been mentioned, the accommodation is all-around great. Keep in mind that this city is an invaluable link in the long chain of trading destinations between Europe and Asia.

3. Immerse yourself into the culture

The most exciting thing about visiting new cultures that have sprung out of eventful historical circumstances is to savour every unique aspect of what makes that culture captivating. Just as all major harbours of the world, Singapore has seen its fair share of tumultuous events, especially since it has become a British colony. This means that, even though the government holds a tight grip over every aspect of the Singaporean economy, there is a sense of multiculturalism to the city. You can easily visit districts such as Chinatown or Little India for a dash of diversity to the proceedings and enjoy every aspect of the artistic, traditional and cultural influences which were funnelled to the city.

4. Visit the Gardens by the Bay and SkyPark

If you have ever googled Singapore before, or at least typed its letters into the YouTube search, you have probably come across the mesmerizing videos of what seem to be light pillars that are synchronized with the music. It looks like a slice of entertainment straight out of a science fiction movie, but it is a splendid piece of real-life phantasmagoria which you can witness! Indeed, Gardens by the Bay with their mesmerizing Supertree Grove is the larger-than-life location in the very heart of the ultramodern city, and this is where the synchronized light and music show commences. After you have relished in the ultimate luxurious highlight of the city, you can proceed to the legendary Marina Bay Sands Skypark, which can essentially be described as a gargantuan platform suspended in the air.

5. Explore natural splendour

From the vantage point of the Skypark, you can enjoy the glistening cityscape that extends into the salty Pacific night air and the feeling of contentment that you have seen most of what this town has to offer, but what of the natural splendour? Yes, you read it right, this city-state also boasts patchworks of greenery which is perfectly safe to explore for solo women travellers. Beyond Gardens by the Bay lies MacRitchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as well as well-kept Chinese and Botanical Gardens.

Civilization appears to be approaching some sort of technological and infrastructural singularity, and the gleaming metropolises like Singapore are the perfect representatives of what the proverbial tip of the spear has to offer. The city might be the prime example of gentrification, but you cannot in all honesty stay indifferent to the glossy and gargantuan edifices and bustling streets that are filled with verve and promise. It is truly a marvel to behold and one of those places that a 21st century adult simply has to visit at least once in a lifetime in order to, as the saying goes, put things into perspective,

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