You deserve to go on a break. A break where you’d get to fully relax, replenish, and get away. One that will make it possible for you to luxuriously recover — a private yacht charter holiday. You deserve a one-of-a-kind break this year. With the pandemic still upon us and the full realization that you survived it all — celebrating is simply a must!

Private Yacht Charter Holiday

Private Yacht Charter Holiday

To give you an idea of how fun and fantastic a private yacht charter holiday will be, like that offered by Simpson Yacht Charter, we will enlist all the fabulous benefits that you will enjoy. Read on, take note, and sail away!

Benefit #1: Total Privacy

An ideal holiday getaway is one where you’d get to fully be with people that you truly want to be around. It’s one where you get to have a break from being around workmates and acquaintances. This is something that private yacht charter holidays offer. With one, you’d get to choose the people that you want to holiday with. You also get to limit their number. You can bring as many or as few as you want, depending on the kind of yacht that you’d be able to charter. You’d also get to break away from usual tourist spots or vacation spots with hundreds of fellow holidayers.

Benefit #2: Total Getaway

A private yacht charter is a total getaway because it will allow you to reach places like no other. You’d get to fully dictate the kind of vacation that you want by choosing: the location, the duration, and the special amenities that you need. You would feel refreshed and rejuvenated during the holiday because you’d truly get to break away from your regular routine and grind. The soft break will allow you to restart and easily find your center.

Benefit #3: Total Relaxation

As you will have the private yacht charter all to your own, you won’t ever have to be in a rush or under the control of a tight schedule. You will be calling all the dibs on your private yacht charter so you can choose to stay as long or as short as you want at any given location. You can choose to stay for days on an island or go for all-day island hopping. You can swim all morning and read all afternoon with no worries whatsoever. Your entire staff and crew will simply be at your beck and call.

Benefit #4: Total Control

One of the main things that make a private yacht charter holiday fabulous is the total control that it gives to holidayers. On a yacht charter holiday, you will get to decide on the following matters:

  • the kind of yacht to use
  • the number of crew and staff to hire
  • the duration of your holiday
  • your own holiday schedule and itinerary
  • your needed amenities
  • your daily diet
  • your needed services (ex: massage therapists or gym instructor)

Benefit #5: Total Luxury

Vacations are often more stressful for others because of all the preparation and planning that need to be done. This is something that you won’t have to worry about if you’d opt for a private yacht charter holiday. A private yacht charter holiday comes with a full-service crew that will attend to all your needs. And by all your needs, we mean the following:

  • the sailing of that yacht – if you’re not a sailor yourself
  • the maintenance of the yacht
  • food preparation
  • food service
  • all-around assistance

If you want a holiday where you’d get to truly feel like a king or a queen, you should book a private yacht charter now.

Benefit #6: Total Experience

You should at least experience a private yacht charter holiday at least once in your life. It’s a grand experience that you will enjoy from start to finish. This is because you’d get to sail on any part of the world at any given time you want on the pace and schedule that you prefer. You also won’t sweat at all as a dedicated staff will always be on standby for all your needs and requests. Sailing is something that all of us should experience. It will give you a deeper understanding of life and perspective of nature. Time at sea will allow you to easily re-align your life and your focus. Daily contact with the sea breeze is deeply therapeutic.

Benefit #7: Total Variety

The good thing with a private yacht charter is the fact that it will allow you to basically do whatever you want. You could book one if you simply want to sail, get away, and read by the sea for days. You can book one if you want to enjoy a month-long exploration of different water sports and activities. You can also book one if you want to uniquely celebrate a special milestone. You will never run out of doing anything fun when on a private yacht charter holiday!

Benefit #8: Total Safety

Private yacht charters have been in demand for the past few years because people saw how it’s easily the safest holiday option during the pandemic. It is extremely safe because you won’t be exposed to thousands of other tourists. You could sail on your own time with the people that you truly want to be with. You can be sure that everyone on board is healthy as it’s very easy to undergo health pre-screenings before onboarding. On a private yacht charter, you can easily go mask-less and feel totally safe and relaxed.

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