Choosing to allow pets in your vacation rental is entirely up to you, as you are the owner. Keep in mind that many people love to take their dogs and cats along with them when traveling, as it may be cheaper than a pet hotel or kennel. They also don’t have to worry about their pet’s care while they are gone if they bring them with them on vacation. It is suggested that you do offer the option to bring pets into your rental, as to not deter potential guests. However, there are some limitations and fees you should consider posting for animals. As far as the pets themselves, you should request that an up-to-date shot record be sent to you before renting the property to pet owners. Also it’s a good idea to require flea treatment the week before your guests are to arrive. You don’t want their dog and cats leaving any pesky critters behind for your next renters! You may want to place a couple of bowls on the kitchen floor of your rental for feeding time. Doing so would be one less thing the guests would have to bring, or go buy if they happen to forget them.

allow pets in your vacation rental

allow pets in your vacation rental

It is usually acceptable to charge a daily fee for pets, just in case any damages where to incur from the guest’s animals staying in your rental home. The going rate is usually $10-$20 a day. This is generally cheaper than boarding pets while away, so most people will be happy to pay that to get to take their furry family members along for the vacation. Plus, it’s a convenience you are providing to them, and one that you should be compensated for if anything were to happen to your rental.

chose pet-friendly vacation rentals

chose pet-friendly vacation rentals

Be sure to note in your ads and listings whether or not you accept pets, and which animals are acceptable to bring along. You may only want to allow cats, dogs, birds…or all three. Placing a simple “Pets Allowed” line your ad would let pet owners know that you have a pet-friendly atmosphere and that their loved ones are welcome. If you choose to limit the animal guests to only one species, be sure to make that clear as well.

'Pets Allowed' attracts renters

‘Pets Allowed’ attracts renters

Overall, I believe allowing pets to stay in your rental home will help your business. While I wouldn’t encourage the staying of pets, it’s a nice amenity to have to future renters. In the US, millions of travelers each year refuse to leave their furry friends at home, and will only stay in hotels and rentals that allow pets. With that being said, it is also important that you protect your investment by charging a daily fee, in case any damages were to happen to your home.

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