One thing is for sure: you need a vacation. You deserve it. And you’re sure to be happy no matter where you end up.

The only problem is that you’re not quite sure where to stay. On the one hand, you have vacation rentals, which envelop you in all the comforts of home. Your other option? A hotel, where you have personalized service at arm’s length.

Vacation Rentals vs Hotel

Vacation Rentals vs Hotel

Of course, there are pros and cons to each option. That’s why we’re here to help you decide whether a vacation rental or a hotel is the right place for you to stay, on this vacation and beyond:

Cons: Home Rentals

  • Many home rentals are owned and operated by private owners. As such, you can never be 100 percent sure of what you’ll get. In most cases, people are as accommodating as possible to special requests, such as special check-in and -out times. But you might find some less-than-friendly hosts who put a damper on your experience.
  • Because home rentals can be in any corner of a city or town, transportation could be more difficult or expensive. Grabbing a taxi to and from the airport, for example, could be a big expense in comparison to free hotel shuttles.
  • On sites like Airbnb, you’ll have to pay additional fees and deposits on top of the cost of renting your chosen home or apartment. At a hotel, these types of maintenance fees are included in your budget.

At you pay NO renting fees. Not as a home owner nor as a renter!

Cons: Hotels

  • If you’re traveling in a large group, a hotel can be quite the expense. That’s because you’ll need to reserve multiple rooms to give everyone a bed to sleep on. On top of that, the additional bedding provided — sofa beds and rollaway cots — are not nearly as comfortable as real beds.
  • A hotel stay isn’t as personal as a home rental, either. Rather than connecting with a local and receiving his or her advice as to restaurants, entertainment, etc., you’ll be on your own or working with hotel staff, who could point you to more touristy destinations than authentic ones.
  • In most hotels, you won’t have access to kitchen or laundry facilities, which could hike up your carefully calculated trip budget. A longer stay may be best taken in a rental apartment.

Pros: Home Rentals

  • A home rental is completely customizable to your trip’s needs. For couple’s vacations, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment or penthouse with romantic upgrades, like balconies, fireplaces and tubs. A vacation with a group of friends, on the other hand, might require a full house rental.
  • Because you can better tailor your rental to your needs, it can be more cost-effective than a hotel. Splitting the cost of a nine-bedroom beach house amongst nine couples, for example, would likely be much cheaper than reserving nine hotel rooms.
  • A home has all of the comforts of home you’re used to. Aside from kitchen and laundry access, many properties will allow you to bring pets along for your getaway, which adds even more excitement to your trip. Plus, you’ll save on pet-sitting costs if you bring four-legged friends with you.
  • A home rental gives you a more authentic idea of what life is like in the city where you’re visiting. You can wander the neighborhood and try restaurants far removed from the touristy, hotel-laden center of town. These types of experiences are what make traveling such a memorable experience.

Pros: Hotels

  • Upscale hotels come with a long list of amenities you can’t ignore. Many provide access to a gym and swimming pool, as well as to complimentary breakfast buffets. You might even be able to visit an on-site spa, restaurant, bar or entertainment venues.
  • When traveling alone, a hotel can make you feel more secure. Rather than staying alone, you’ll have to walk through a central lobby, take an elevator and use a key card to access your room. At night, many hotels require you to swipe that same key card to even walk into the property, which can be a comfort to solo travelers.
  • When staying in a hotel, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the property like you do when you’re staying in a home rental. You can’t destroy your hotel room rock star-style, of course, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning linens or dishes, for example, before checking out.
  • A few nights in a nice hotel will feel amazing. From the luxury beds to the fluffy, fresh linens, you know exactly what to expect when checking into a hotel. That’s especially true if you have a preferred hotel chain in which you normally stay: you know how the bed will feel and how decked out your room will be, which makes each stay super comfortable.

It’s Up to You

Ultimately, each family is different, as is every vacation. It’s up to you to decide which lodging option fits this trip and your travel partner(s) — what’s right for this trip might not suit your next getaway. So, always consider the pros and cons of each option and let those differences guide you toward the right option. No matter where you stay, though, you’re sure to have a memorable vacation, and there’s no bigger pro than that.

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