Vacations are essential for a happy, productive life. Think of them as a life reboot. Experiencing a different environment, perhaps a novel one will reset your mind. Enjoying free time when you don’t have to figure things out will clear your vision and make you more productive when you get back to work.

However, not all vacations work out as intended. Things can go wrong when you make bad choices on how to go, where to go, when to go, and where to stay. So instead of leaving you feeling refreshed, the vacation can leave you feeling even more stressed out than before. Some vacations can be disastrous.

The secret to a good vacation is simple: plan well. Although things rarely work out according to plan, flow with your agenda as best you can then pivot as needed to adjust to unexpected events and opportunities.

Plan the Perfect Vacation

Plan the Perfect Vacation

Here are a few suggestions on how to plan a perfect vacation.

Travel in Comfort

There are many ways to get to your vacation destination. Usually, when you go overseas, the most obvious one is to book a flight on a commercial airline, but one you may not have considered before is traveling by private aircraft. You will save all the hassles of commercial flying.

Commercial flights can be exhausting. Before your flight, you may have to stand in line for a long time to navigate through TSA checkpoints. During your flight, you may have uncomfortable seating or sit next to a fellow passenger who gets on your nerves. After your flight, you may have to wait for an hour or more to claim your baggage.

Private aircrafts are safe and comfortable and are a great way to be productive in the sky if you have work you need to get done. So, consider this type of travel after making a private jet comparison of various fleets.

Choose an Amazing Destination

Planning the perfect vacation depends on picking the perfect place to go. Staying somewhere truly amazing is not a matter of luck, but a result of research and creative thinking. Online research on vacation destinations will help you lock in on the perfect place to stay because you’ll often be able to see pictures and watch videos of your destination.

Creative thinking is thinking outside the box. Instead of settling for a hotel or an Airbnb apartment, what about staying in a castle or a farmhouse or a villa? For instance, if you’re planning on going to Greece, why not choose a beautiful Green island? You could, for example, stay at a place like Villa Lindos Kalliopi, a stylish rental property in Rodos, Greece. It’s within walking distance to the beach at Vlicha Bay. Living in a spacious, luxury boutique villa with a breathtaking view of the sea will make every day of your vacation wonderful.

Select the Best Time of the Year

The final piece to the puzzle after figuring out transportation, destination, and accommodation is timing. What is the best season of the year? For instance, if you want to visit South Africa because you’ve always wanted to go on safari, then the best time to go is between the months of May and September. Because this is the dry season in South Africa, you’ll see more animals, as they will collect alongside rivers and around waterholes. Besides excellent wildlife viewing, the weather is also warmer from May to September.

By following these tips, you’ll set yourself up for a perfect vacation. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the value of vacations, with some even deferring their vacation altogether to get more work done. On the surface, this may sound admirable, but they are depriving themselves of a chance to refresh their minds and bodies and reduce their levels of worry and stress.

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