Car rental in the Dominican Republic allows you to provide yourself with cars for daily trips. They will allow you to save well, and feel completely free, regardless of any excursions, from calling a taxi. You can see the main sights, visit various places, and do not deny yourself anything during your vacation. You will not be limited by the time of visiting certain places, and you do not have to leave the location you like at the agreed time.

Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic

Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic

Advantages of Renting a Car in the Dominican Republic

If you want to feel free during your vacation, then the car Autodominicana will be an excellent choice for you. To rent a car, you will need a minimum of data. Technical support from the company is provided around the clock. You can visit Macau beach, Santo Domingo, and 27 waterfalls. Thus, you will be able to save a lot. You will not have to wait for other people during group excursions, you will be free to visit souvenir shops. Everyone will be able to significantly save their money, lay an individual route, you will not be limited by time, besides, you have a great chance to choose any vehicle.

The company has an expanded fleet, you will be able to choose one of those cars that you are used to in everyday life. These can be luxury cars or budget options, it all depends on your preferences.

To rent a car is enough:

  • a standard driver’s license;
  • international passports;
  • the driving experience was at least one year;
  • age was from 21 years to 75 years;
  • a deposit of a certain size is required.

In the company, you will be able to book an affordable car online. You specify the selected model, rental date, and hotel. It should be noted that car rental services include damage insurance, theft insurance, taxes, and fees. All rented cars will be provided to you in perfect condition, they will pass inspection, and they will be entirely in perfect working condition, completely clean.

Features of the Application for Car Rental

The company does not put any restrictions on the daily mileage, you will be provided with a full tank of fuel, and all the necessary equipment. To rent, you will need to make a deposit, depending on which category you choose. On the website, you can easily pick up the necessary car and make a booking request. Online you are offered a special form in which you enter the start date of the lease, time, date, and time of the end of the lease. Thus, you will be provided with a list of available cars, you can choose from a wide range, and learn the main characteristics, that is:

  • availability of air conditioning;
  • which gearbox;
  • how many trunks;
  • how many passengers;
  • the number of doors.

The most favorable offers are always on the main page. At the same time, on the website, you will be offered to learn more about the most interesting places of the Dominican Republic, where you can go on your own and get maximum pleasure.

Usually, tourists choose Macau beach because it is a uniquely beautiful place that will allow every tourist to enjoy all the benefits of a holiday in this country. The beach has a length of 20 km, and plantings of beautiful palm trees provide shade and a beautiful overall view. The beach is perfect for surfing. If you choose tourist routes, they include a visit to this beach, but you can stay there for only 30 minutes. If you go on your own, you will be able to relax and enjoy the magnificent waves of the ocean, endless sandy expanses, palm trees, and rocks. This is a great opportunity to break away from the city’s congestion and visit the perfect place to surf and connect with nature. This is a way to organize a romantic photo shoot, enjoy the beautiful views, enjoy your vacation, and visit a surfing school.


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