Studies show that only one out of eleven families go on vacation. That is a worrying statistic since vacationing offers several physical and mental health benefits.

For instance, vacationing can help improve your mental health by relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety. But here’s the thing: most people do not go on vacations because of financial difficulty. Even with strict budgeting, many families cannot afford to take satisfactory vacations.

For this reason, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club exists. It is a timeshare and vacation club that aims to help its members save and access over 180-holiday destinations in Mexico, the USA, and the Caribbean.

Becoming a member of a vacation club and timeshare like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club comes with many more benefits. Besides helping you save money, the club will grant you access to the best lodging options for you and your family in its Royal Park hotels.

The hotels are available in Cancun, Ixtapa, Acapulco, Huatulco, and Cozumel. So, if you are traveling alone or with companions, you will benefit from checking out some of the diverse room options and beautiful locations the club offers.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Room Types

The club offers a variety of lodging options at various price ranges and in different locations. As a person interested in joining the club, knowing some of the room types, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club provides and where you can find them gives you confidence that your travel goals will come to fruition.

Studio Rooms

A picture of a studio hotel room in a beautiful destination like Royal Holiday's rooms at their Park Royal Beach Resort.

Studio Rooms

These are the classic rooms by the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. The studio rooms feature two double beds, a mini refrigerator, and a full shower. So, the studio rooms are a fantastic choice if you are planning a trip with your family as they have adequate sleeping space.

One studio room can accommodate four occupants. Also, these rooms require the least vacation credits. You find studio rooms at the Park Royal Beach hotels in Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, and Huatulco. The Grand Park Royal Cozumel hotel also offers studio rooms.

Junior Suite Rooms

These rooms are a step above the studio rooms. Their features differ depending on the location. For instance, in junior suite rooms at the Grand Park Royal Cozumel, you will find one King-Size bed and two single sofa beds.

In contrast, you will find two double beds in Park Royal Huatulco. These rooms can accommodate up to four people. You will find them at the Park Royal Huatulco and Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

Ambassador Rooms

These are the perfect rooms for you if you are traveling with a large family. The ambassador rooms have living rooms in separate areas from the bedrooms. You will have more privacy in the bedroom.

They’re more spacious than the studio and junior suite rooms. They feature two double beds and one folding bed so that they can hold up to 6 occupants. You’ll find the ambassador rooms at the Park Royal Beach hotels in Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, and the Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

The Presidential Rooms

These rooms are the perfect choice to take your vacation to the next level. They are the most luxurious rooms you will find at the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Therefore, they provide you with the most benefits.

For instance, you enjoy as much privacy as the ambassador rooms offer. However, the presidential rooms are more spacious than the ambassador rooms. The amenities in the room may differ depending on the hotel you stay at.

For instance, the presidential rooms at the Park Royal Beach Cancun have balconies overlooking the sea or bay, and all the rooms feature a private bathtub. The presidential rooms will accommodate up to six people. You will find presidential rooms at the Park Royal Beach in Cancun, Ixtapa, and the Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

Master Suite Rooms

The rooms are exclusive to Royal Holiday Club’s Huatulco hotel, designed for a couple’s romantic getaway. That means its maximum occupancy is two people. In the master suite room, you will find a king-size bed and one sofa bed. The room also has a balcony where you and your partner enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunset.

Deluxe Rooms

You will only find these rooms at the Park Royal Beach Cancun. The hotel offers studio deluxe and ambassador deluxe rooms; the room type will give you an exclusive area on the beach with Balinese beds.

If you choose this accommodation option, you will also receive free access to Park Royal Beach’s Ekinox Bar and Terrace. The deluxe studio rooms will accommodate up to two adults and two minors. On the other hand, the ambassador deluxe rooms accommodate four adults and two children.

Royal Rooms

You will also find these most luxurious rooms at the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. The rooms are perfect for families that love staying together. You can all stay in one royal room instead of getting separate presidential or studio rooms.

Still, these rooms offer two private bedrooms, each with two double beds. They also have a separate living area with two single sofa beds and two full bathrooms. Also, the royal rooms have a balcony for your family to enjoy spectacular views of your destination.

Again, royal rooms can accommodate up to ten occupants and are available at the Park Royal Beach hotel in Acapulco, Ixtapa, and the Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

Imperial Rooms

The imperial room is superior to all the diverse room options the Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers. It is akin to holiday apartments on the beach, with three private bedrooms, six double beds, one sofa bed, and three full bathrooms.

On top of it all, it has a balcony. You will only find the imperial room at the Park Royal Beach Acapulco. The imperial room is so exclusive that only one exists. The room can accommodate twelve people.

Besides raising funds for a vacation, one of the most complex parts of planning the trip is finding the perfect accommodation. However, this does not have to be an issue if you are a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member. You can work with the club to find the best accommodation for yourself and the people you are traveling with. Join today and enjoy these benefits.

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