Planning a road trip is about more than just preparing the funds you’ll need for it. If you want to have the best experience possible, there’s a lot of prep to be done! We want to help, so we’ve prepared smart tips for planning a perfect Florida road trip.

Florida Road Trip

Florida Road Trip

Plan your ideal route

The first step in planning a perfect Florida road trip is to know exactly what route you want to take through the beautiful state. After all, this will seriously impact your possible stops and activities you can engage in. If you’ve decided that celebrating thanksgiving at the beach is more fun, for example, then you need to make sure you’ll reach your destination before the date. Not to mention that it’s very easy to be forced to backtrack or even get lost if you do not plan your route well.

Know where you’ll want to stop

When you’ve got your route down, you’ll need to decide where you want to step along it. Keep in mind there’s plenty to plan for once you’re in a town or city. For example, if you know you will be stopping in Tampa, then you can look up Tampa storage to leave excess items in a unit while you do your sightseeing and enjoy yourself. Neither living all your stuff in care nor lugging it around is exactly a good solution, after all!

Figure out how long you can drive

If you are planning to drive from place to place, be it in an RV or a car, you need to know how long you can drive before having to take a break. Do not discard the importance of this, either, since pushing yourself can have disastrous effects. Always remember that you have your loved ones in the car with you. If you plan a week-long road trip and nod off even for a moment due to how tired you are, you could lose everything in a collision.

Find ways to amuse yourself during the ride

Boredom is never something people take into account when planning a perfect Florida road trip. However, if you will, in fact, be driving then you’ll spend a lot of time on the road. Doing absolutely nothing! Take a book with you, or if you can’t read while a vehicle is in motion, an audio book, a game console, or whatever else will take your mind off of things. This is especially important if you are accompanied by young children who get bored easily and are prone to making a ruckus when they are.

Check if your vehicle can withstand the trip

Of course, your vehicle needs to be able to withstand the road trip. Make sure not to forget to:

  • Check your oil
  • Check your breaks
  • Check your lights
  • Plan refueling stops

Preferably, you’d take it to a mechanic before taking off. You should also look into insurance for a caravan if traveling in one.

Double and triple check your documents

As the experts from like to point out, whether you are moving or traveling you need to have your documents with you. This includes things such as ID, license and registration, and insurance documents. You can get into a lot of trouble if you get pulled over without them.

Plan how long you’ll spend at each stop

You need to know how long you want to spend at each stop so you can plan for things such as meals, finding your next vacation rental, and similar. This will also help you plan how much food and snacks you need to buy before setting off on a drive to your next destination.

Consider getting a SunPass

A ‘SunPass’ is a prepaid toll collection pass in Florida. Considering the fact that you’ll likely use the highway frequently during your road trip, it can really pay off to get it!

Have some emergency cash

When planning a perfect Florida road trip, it is smart to set aside some emergency cash. Ideally, you won’t need to use it. However, it is always a relief knowing you can dip into the funds in case something goes wrong! And, unfortunately, it is really impossible to plan for every single eventuality, so you may well need this fund.

Pack an emergency and first aid kit

Similarly, it is much better to make an emergency kit, full of things such as jumper cables, some basic tools, and a tire pump than it is to go without them. A first aid kit, too, is essential. Just imagine getting stranded on miles of empty roads, or someone getting accidentally hurt when the nearest hospital might be hours away!

Know what you’ll need during the drive

We mentioned snacks and food you’ll need during the drive before. However, that’s hardly everything you might want. The first and foremost thing you’ll need to pack enough of is water. Depending on the time of year you make the road trip, Florida can be very, very hot. Which means you’ll be sweating a lot and will need to make up for all that lost water. Some other useful stuff would be adaptable chargers that can be plugged into your car, motion sickness meds, umbrellas (to protect against sun as much as rain), and similar.

Plan out what to wear

The final aspect of planning a perfect Florida road trip is packing the appropriate clothing. Know that, whether you have AC in your car or not, you’ll want much lighter clothing for when you’re in the car than when you’re out there exploring. If you make the mistake of bundling up before entering the vehicle, you’ll absolutely hate yourself. Of course, make sure to check out the weather forecasts for the places you’re planning to visit and pack accordingly, too.

Final Comment

With the help of our smart tips for planning a perfect Florida road trip, we’re sure you’ll have a great time! Just take your time to review all your plans before setting off and make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

Check out our smart tips for planning a perfect Florida road trip so you can make sure that your family and yourself have the best time possible on your trip!

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