Vacation is a sacred time away from chaos and the mundane. While you’re packing, there are certain essentials that are easily forgotten.

Don’t assume that your vacation rental will provide these items. It’s best to call ahead. Better yet: Plan ahead. Consider these easy to forget items:

Food staples, snacks and Beverages. Extra snacks and drinks in that tiny hotel fridge quickly add up. Even if you are staying in a comfortable little Airbnb, your host has likely left the coffee supplying to you. So, before you open the cabinets and start pouting, make a list of your wake-up essentials. What drinks and snacks are must-haves for you? You’ll be amazed by how much you miss salt and pepper. You can save money by making your own meals while on vacation, or at least by making your own breakfast.


Linens. While vacation rentals will have some supplies there, many places ask that you supply your own linens. That even includes sheets and bathroom towels! Consider the type of linens you will need beforehand, especially as every room has its own linen needs. If you have a child, you’ll want to pack extra linens for his or her needs.

linen and furniture

Laundry supplies. Dreading all that laundry when you go home? Did you pick a vacation rental that has laundry facilities? Prioritize your packing to minimize the amount of laundry you have to do. It’s also important to anticipate your laundry needs. Bring travel detergent and a marker to erase stains on the go.


Cleaning supplies. Certain vacation rentals, especially private ones leased out, now charge cleaning fees. Cleaning supplies may have not been provided. Be an amazing guest and clean up after yourself. Cleaning supplies are sometimes costly, but it’s amazing what a little vinegar and baking soda can clean up in a pinch. If you’re a bit of a “neat freak,” your vacation rental may not be up to the standards you desire, either—So, be prepared.

The Great Clean-Up

Sewing kit. While on vacation you want to look your best, and the most awkward rips and tears usually happen while you’re out. Prepping a small sewing kit will save you from embarrassing gapes in a shirt or dress. It won’t take up much room in a travel bag, either! At least pack a few different needles, thimble and basic color threads to match your wardrobe. Non-sewers: Don’t forget those essential safety pins!


Emergency first aid kit. You’re not a surgeon planning a surgery on vacation, but how often have you been on vacation when you or a loved one suddenly gets sick? Someone has to go out and buy medicine. Be prepared by creating your own emergency first aid kit. You will want your kit to contain aspirin, band-aids, antiseptics, sunscreen and other necessary items.


Important personal documentation and identification. While you may not be going overseas, you’ll want to bring two forms of photo identification, insurance documentation and proof of residence should any emergency occur while you’re on vacation. This also includes necessary maps, travel guides and reservation information. You’d be surprised how many people leave their wallet at home, which includes their license and credit cards.


Electronic devices. These days vacation likely includes some form of work. So, you’ll likely be bringing along your laptop. Your laptop and smartphone are also important for communicating with family and friends. Don’t forget chargers and backup chargers! This is where car chargers that plug into cigarette holders may just be your new best friend.


Items for personal entertainment. For many this will include Kindle and other electronic devices. Taking time away from the daily grind also helps you get back in touch with old hobbies. Bring a sketchbook or paperback book that you’ve been dying to read. Pack tabletop games and card games for the whole family to enjoy.


Personal care items. Some rentals stock shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hair dryer. Usually, while most items are provided, something has been forgotten. Got your toothpaste and toothbrush? A foldable hair dryer doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase. A minimalist makeup kit is just what a lady needs on the go! What is your personal care ritual? What do you absolutely need? Call and plan ahead.

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash by H2O

Clothes. You think you’ve packed everything. You arrive at your destination only to notice that your bathing suit is missing or that you have no socks at all. So, you end up purchasing these items. Remember to pack slowly and to create a task list to complete as you pack. Focusing on your needs while packing is very helpful.

What I brought to Thailand for 2.5 Weeks

The most obvious items are usually the ones that are left behind: clothes, cell phone chargers and toothpaste. On the other hand, items that you assume will be provided for you during your vacation often are not.

So, it’s important to call ahead and plan ahead for the best vacation experience. Create a task list to ensure that these items won’t be so easily forgotten. Most importantly, remember to not stress over packing. Vacations are about relaxing!

Kacey Mya

Kacey Mya

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