We all know healthcare in America is expensive, and it’s just one reason why more people are starting to consider moving to another country. Living as an ex-pat can be cheaper, but it’s also important to pick a country that puts quality healthcare at the top of its priorities.

countries with the best healthcare.

countries with the best healthcare.

Let’s look at the top 5 countries with the best healthcare.


Finland has a long history of providing quality healthcare to its citizens and visitors. The quality of health care and the availability of services are two essential factors contributing to the overall quality of a country’s healthcare system. Finland offers universal coverage and has an average life expectancy of 82.31 years.

In Finland, all residents can access free preventive care services, such as checkups and screening tests for chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. In addition, patients can visit their doctor without making an appointment first and will not be charged for any prescription medications or visits to the emergency room. Patients who want more extensive care can buy additional benefits through private insurers or pay out-of-pocket at clinics or hospitals.


The healthcare system in Hungary is considered one of the best in Europe and the world, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding cross-border treatment while living in or visiting this country. This can be attributed to its high-quality medical professionals, affordable treatments, and excellent infrastructure.

Hungary has a well-developed and highly-regulated healthcare system that provides universal coverage to its citizens. The Hungarian government has invested heavily in developing a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure that includes hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. This has helped improve patient outcomes by improving efficiency and lowering costs. The country has also made efforts to increase transparency and accountability by providing quality data on outcomes and patient experiences through its Patient Safety Initiative (PSI).


Sweden is among the top countries with the best healthcare in the world. The country has been consistently ranked among the top 10 by WHO and is one of the few countries to have achieved a high level of health without any private healthcare system.

The Swedish healthcare system is funded through general taxation, but the private sector also offers additional services such as private insurance and complementary medicine.

The country spends 11 percent of its GDP on health care, which is lower than most developed countries. It also has one of the lowest mortality rates in Europe (7 deaths per 1,000 people) and one of the highest life expectancies at 81 years old. Sweden was ranked number one in Europe for providing equal access to quality care regardless of income level or area of residence.


Switzerland is number one in the world for healthcare, and the quality of care is outstanding. The nation has a strong history of universal health coverage, and its residents enjoy low costs and excellent access to medical services. It also ranks high in terms of personal safety. The Swiss system is based on private insurance companies that provide basic coverage and can be supplemented by additional benefits through supplemental plans. Coverage is provided through employers, who are legally required to provide insurance for their employees or pay a tax penalty. This system ensures that everyone has access to health care but also leads to high costs for employers.


Norway is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to healthcare. The country ranks high in all areas, including life expectancy, infant mortality rate, and patient satisfaction. Norway’s healthcare system is a combination of public and private sectors. The government has a decisive role in providing basic health insurance coverage for everyone and ensuring equal access to health care services regardless of income level.

The country also has a high degree of personal freedom regarding medical treatment. Patients have the right to make their own decisions about their treatment, including refusing treatment if they want. This principle is called “patient autonomy” or “informed consent” and requires doctors to inform patients about all available treatments before making any decisions about their health care.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s hard to say why some countries are more successful in providing high-quality healthcare for their citizens. The truth is that no country’s healthcare system is without its faults and problems. However, these five countries appear to be doing something right when it comes to giving everyone equal access to quality health services.

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