If you are planning to travel to Florence, Italy in this pandemic, you should pay extra attention to your health and safety.



There is no shortage of reasons when it comes to visiting Florence – the renowned capital of the Tuscany region in Italy. The city gave birth to the Italian Renaissance and remained an influential protagonist in shaping Europe’s culture and civilization ever since. Today, the city showcases all of its legacy in its rich museums and mind-boggling architecture. It was always blessed with natural beauties, culinary arts, and craftsmen anyway.

However, traveling to Florence in this pandemic is not just a matter of leisure and luxury. Now, you would also need to think about how safe it is to travel and stay there. Thanks to Hotel Brunelleschi though, you can be as confident as ever in your travels to Florence. In fact, with fewer travelers crowding out its streets, it’s perhaps more enjoyable than ever to experience arts and life in this glorious city.

Stay Safe, Enveloped in Quaint Luxury

Generally regarded as one of the most famous 4-star hotels in Florence, Italy, Hotel Brunelleschi implements all the health and hygiene guidelines imposed by laws and adds to that some of their own. Weekly replacements of ventilation filters, specific staff for specific rooms, open dining facilities, etc. adds a sense of safety so essential to enjoy the hotel’s quaint atmosphere peacefully. The fact that it’s housed in a Byzantine tower right around the city center adds to its charm too, offering a wonderful view of the Florentine skyline.

It’s not the only option, however. If you just want to enjoy rural Florence with its rolling heels and riverbeds, you can find yourself a safe abode not so far away from the city. To mention a few, the Il Salviatino is housed in a medieval palazzo and famous for being extremely romantic; whereas, the Villa San Michele is a boutique residence with a façade designed by the great Michelangelo himself.

Don’t Miss Out on Florence’s Attractions

If you stay in the Florence countryside, you would find magnificent olive groves, vineyards, and riverbeds to keep you enchanted. To visit Florence’s heritage, however, it’s best to stay around the city center.

The Brunelleschi’s Dome and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is located there, with many street shops and Palazzos lined up on the surrounding streets. The Uffizi Gallery isn’t far away either. In a few-minutes transport, you would also be able to visit Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze or spend some time with its replica in the Palazzo Vecchio. And if you feel hungry, head to the San Lorenzo Market to taste some of Tuscany’s most delicious dishes.

Finally, to bring back some photographic memorabilia, head over to the Ponte Vecchio – the oldest and the most photographed bridge in Florence. This is also a great place to check-out the intricate works of Florentine artisans and buy some jewels.

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