The eruption of the COVID 19 pandemic has become a menace and traveling, be it domestic or international, has almost come to a standstill across the globe. Thorough homework is necessary if a person really needs to travel.

 Travelling during COVID 19

Traveling during COVID 19

Whether traveling is safe:

It is a headache for everyone who has a travel plan, to give a serious thought about the safety. It may be a family visit or a weekend excursion in nearby places or a plan for spending a long vacation across the globe. We have not yet reached that stage of safe traveling.

Due to the outbreak of this pandemic, the traveling approach of the people has changed. Global traveling has come to a halt. To prevent the spread of the disease, a collective effort is being made by avoiding all types of trips. The best way of self-protection is to stay at home. But sometimes it may not be possible to avoid the trip due to urgency related to job or family requirements. During a trip, the most possible way of contracting the virus is from neighboring people. In such cases, the guidelines of the medical experts are to be followed.

Safe method of travel during COVID 19:

There may be a debate about the safe mode of transport for traveling. If we compare car and plane as a means of traveling, we have to keep in mind that how much exposure we will have if we travel by car or plane. For a long-distance traveling by car, one has to give a number of breaks for fuelling the car, for having food or may have to spend a night in a motel or a hotel, where one will have to come in contact with various people, which at this stage is not desirable. During air travel, the airlines maintain the filtration system more stringently which is quite effective to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. But traveling to the airport is involved and at the airport, one may have to wait for the flight along with fellow passengers. These increase the possibility of exposure to other people, but with lesser risk. One has to choose the mode of traveling where minimum exposure with other people will be involved. But wearing a mask and sanitizing hands at regular intervals is a necessity.

Additional precautions:

If a person is sick and is having a simple cough and cold, it will be better to avoid traveling. But if the traveling is urgent, he must wear the mask and carry sanitizer along with the medication he is having. Also if eligible, he should take the COVID 19 vaccine. Besides, maintaining a safe distance from other people is a must.

It is better to carry the card for covering medical insurance. In the case of international traveling, it is to be ensured to have sufficient coverage for evacuation if needed, since it is very costly. It is to be checked with the insurance company if there is any relaxation given due to this pandemic.

In case of flying, prior to the date of departure, necessary information to be collected like restrictions or requirements of the destination airport and post-arrival formalities or while transiting, if the flight is a hopping one. The rules and regulations regarding traveling or quarantine may vary from one country to another. Country-wise COVID 19 travel information is easily available nowadays through different portals.

Post-vaccination travel:

Research is still on whether vaccination is a full proof device to protect a person from being infected. But it is ascertained that vaccination is improving the situation. If not fully protected, the severity of the illness is being minimized due to vaccination, and the possibility of transmission of the virus to another person remains. Even if a person is vaccinated, he should wash or sanitize his hands frequently, wear a mask and maintain a social distance for the days to come.


Traveling during this COVID 19 pandemic situation should be avoided unless it is an exigency. In that case, he should follow all the COVID 19 protocols with all sorts of precautions and information and guidelines from a medical expert who has the latest information.

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