The Hardrock Café on Broadway

It’s become a tradition which is hard to pass up, the Hard Rock Café provides an element of homogeneity in an ever changing New York. Its eclectic mix of hard rock displays round the walls is sure to fascinate and enthral anyone who has a love of rock music culture. From Jimmy Hendrix memorabilia to Billy Joel and the Beatles you’ll find it all here with a particularly Times Square Twist celebrating artists who have actually visited the Hard rock Café in Times Square and donated items such as guitars from their collection. A living museum where you can relax and have drink in all the atmosphere of a true rock café. Enjoy the high standard food and drink that you’d expect in a New York hard rock café, but expect to find every rock fan’s favourite mix of guitars and posters signed by all your rock heroes and a few more besides!

Hardrock Cafe on Broadway

Hardrock Cafe on Broadway – Image source:

Taking in a show…

A visit to Broadway wouldn’t be complete without taking in a show, and one you’ll never tire of experiencing even if you’ve seen it before is the infamous Phantom of the Opera. It’s not hard to see why it is the longest running show in Broadway history, and it’s still running. Tickets are available from hotel concierge or check out the Time’s Square Museum and Visitor Centre.

Visit a Broadway Show

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The Times Square Museum and Visitor Centre

A great place to start off in Times Square is The Times Square Museum and Visitor Centre where you can orientate yourself and discover the best of what New York City has to offer. With an abundance of advice staff can point you in the right direction to buy show tickets or information about the city’s many attractions. It’s also a great place to come to meet up with other tourists and pick their brains about what to see first!

Times Square bodypainting

Times Square bodypainting – image source:

Madame Tussauds New York

When you’ve spent all your money shopping and visiting all the Broadway shows, and been disappointed by not getting a photo of your favourite celebrity, quick step it over to Madame Tussauds on Broadway. No visit to New York could possibly be complete without taking in the sites and celebrities of the golden era of cinema stage, television and the worlds of music and sport, Nowhere else will you be able to find such beautifully curated collections of memorabilia and celebrities in the same short distance. Metre for metre, Mme Tussauds is choc-full of celebrities.

Madame Tussauds New York

Madame Tussauds New York – image source:

If it’s a journey to outer space you’d like to remember, why not budge up to man in the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin himself and take one small step into a lunar landscape yourself? If you’d like to take your chances with Mohammed Ali aka Cassius Clay, put your fists up and get your picture snapped and see if you’d make a worthy opponent of this giant of the boxing and sports world! All figures are life sized and accurate in their proportions and garments so you can imagine how it is to stand in the presence of greatness when you traverse the corridors. Why not walk the red carpet or attend the opening night party and rub shoulders with all the greats from the silver screen including “it” couple of the century Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, George Clooney and Harrison Ford to name just a few. Careful though, you may have to dodge the paps who are sure to be aiming a camera at you to feed the tabloid news with fresh stories!

ToysRus Ferris Wheel

The ToysRus Ferris wheel in Times Square is a must even for big kids. Set at the heart of the store, you’ll need to borrow a couple of real kids to have an excuse to go in search of it…unless you’re very comfortable in your adulthood! The 60 foot wheel has been a must see attraction since 2001 and a big draw for tourists visiting Times Square whether they’re looking for toys or not!

ToysRus Ferris Wheel

ToysRus Ferris Wheel – Image source:

Times Scare

If you’re looking to make your trip around Times Square go out with a bang, then no better way than to take a trip into Times Scare, where you can make yourself at home in the haunted house. Set on 42nd and 8th avenue this custom built 3 storey experience will have the hair on your neck standing on end and more besides. Why not sample some delights in the Crypt Café a former crematorium in the roaring 20’s, you’ll be sure to be beguiled by grisly tales of murder most horrid. If walls could talk…this place might drive you to drink…and if you’re at all vulnerable to a fright, you could do worse than sample a wonderful cocktail to calm your nerves ready for the next haunting!

Times Scare NYC

Times Scare NYC – Image source:

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